POKEMON Best Wishes Vol.1-142End Box Set Anime DVD

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DVD ANIME POKEMON Best Wishes Vol.1-142End Box Set English Sub Cantonese Audio

The journey of young Satoshi (Ash Ketchum) of Kanto continues as he arrives in the Isshu (Unova) region, still aiming to be a Pokémon Master he and his partner Pikachu meet up with new comrades Iris and Dent (Cilan). As Satoshi challenges the Gyms of the Isshu region and battles new rivals, there is danger lurking behind the scenes as criminal syndicates Team Rocket and Team Plasma each have their own dark agendas for all the people and Pokémon who reside in Isshu.

Language : Japanese / Cantonese / Mandarin (Vol.1-104)

                   Japanese / Cantonese (Vol.105-142End)

Subtitle : English / Chinese / Malay

Region : All

Screen : 16:9

No of Disc: 10

The above DVD is :-

- Produced by licensed DVD manufacturer certified by Malaysia Government!
- Title is Authentic, Certified and Approved by Malaysian Censorship Board and comes with Original Hologram sticker!

Genre Kodomomuke, Children's anime
Region All (Worldwide)
Language Japanese / Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitle Chinese / English / Malay

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