Japanese Movie - Love For Beginners 今天开始恋爱了

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某座高中迎来了新的学生,虽然有着美丽容颜却土了土气的女孩日比野椿(武井咲饰),在开学典礼当天竟然被入学成绩第一名的帅哥椿京汰(松坂桃李饰)夺去初吻。以此为开端,京汰将日比野当作捉弄的对象,乐此不疲。虽然讨厌这个英俊帅气却举止轻薄的男孩,可是日比野内心深处却悄悄发生着转变。古板、传统的女孩情窦初开,些许品尝到青春和初恋的甜蜜。与此同时,京汰对日比野的情感也正发生着变化。在那个看似无比浪漫的情人节夜晚,抬头望见繁星的天文台 上,日比野鼓起勇气向京汰告白,谁知他们的关系竟急转直下……

Tsubaki Hibino (Emi Takei) is a plain and studious teen whose life to this point has had little to do with love… Until she meets Kyota Tsubaki (Tori Matsuzaka), a cute and smart yet exceedingly cocky, long-haired boy who happens to be the most popular guy in school and shares a common name. Teasing Tsubaki for outdated fashion and demeanor, Kyota proceeds to steal away her first kiss, leaving her incensed! But as she begins to catch glimpses of a softer nature behind his persona, she gradually finds herself drawn toward him. From her first date to her first kiss, Tsubaki starts to discover and struggle with a whole new world of feelings that only come with one's first love.

Genre 青春Youth/ 校园School/ 浪漫Romance
Region All (Worlwide)
Language Japanese
Subtitle English / Chinese / Malay

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