RETURN OF ULTRAMAN JACK Complete TV Series Vol.1-51End DVD Box Set

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This series is a follow up to the original Ultraman and Ultra Seven. The first episode begins with a fight between two giant monsters Takkong and Zazahn in Tokyo. Amid the monster destruction, young race-car driver Hideki Go is killed while trying to rescue a little boy and a dog from the falling rubble. His valiant sacrifice is noted by everyone, even his friends and the new defense force MAT (Monster Attack Team), but an unseen being also takes notice. Looking over him is "New Ultraman (Ultraman Jack)," who is so touched by his heroics that he decides to combining his own life-force with Hideki's, thus bringing him back to life (just like the original Ultraman did with Shin Hayata), much to everyone's astonishment. MAT asks him to join the team, which he does, especially since, in this frightening new "Age of Monsters," Earth will need a savior. In times of crisis, Hideki Go will raise his right arm and, by force of will, transform into Ultraman Jack to fight monsters.

Genre Tokusatsu, Science fiction, Live Action
Region All (Worldwide)
Language Japanese
Subtitle English / Chinese / Malay

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