Come Back! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls VS Boys Final Wars The Movie DVD

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DVD Come Back! Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Ninnin Girls VS Boys Final Wars The Movie English Sub

It's been two years since Gengetsu Kibaoni's defeat, and the Ninningers fulfill their promise to return to the dojo in that time period to see each other's progress in getting stronger. Takaharu was the first to return but once entering the dojo, several Jukkarage and three Yokai busted out from it with an explosion. As it seems that the Kibaoni Army has been revived, Takaharu defeats the Jukkarage, while the rest of the Yokai were defeated by the newly arrival of Yakumo, Nagi and Kinji. When a Gashadokuro rises, Fuuka and Kasumi reveal themselves and instead of transforming into Ninningers, they change into idol outfits called Ninnin Girls, defeating the Gashadokuro in a moment. As fans storm them, Yakumo and the other male Ninningers escort them to the dojo, where they discovered that the whole attack was an illusion created by the Mirage Technique.

Language : Japanese

Subtitle : English / Chinese / Malay

Region : All

Screen Format : 16:9

No of Disc: 1

The above DVD is :-

- Produced by licensed DVD manufacturer certified by Malaysia Government!
- Title is Authentic, Certified and Approved by Malaysian Censorship Board and comes with Original Hologram sticker!

Genre Sentai, Tokusatsu, Live Action
Region All (Worldwide)
Language Japanese
Subtitle Chinese / Malay / English

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