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Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu), a young woman from the 21st century, suffers a near-fatal accident that sends her back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the Kangxi Emperor's (Damian Lau) reign. She finds herself trapped in the body of one of her previous incarnations: Ma'ertai Ruoxi, the teenage daughter of a Manchu general. In this new timeline, she has an elder sister, Ruolan (Annie Liu), who is a concubine of the Kangxi Emperor's eighth son, Yinsi (Kevin Cheng). Ruoxi initially tries to return to the future, but she soon adjusts to life in this era. She meets some of Kangxi's other sons, including the fourth prince Yinzhen (Nicky Wu), tenth prince Yin'e (Ye Zuxin), and fourteenth prince Yinti (Lin Gengxin). She also forges a close friendship with the thirteenth prince, Yinxiang (Yuan Hong).

During Ruoxi's stay in Yinsi's house, Yinsi falls in love with her. She initially rejects him but later agrees to marry him if he gives up competing for the succession to the throne. Since she is from the future, Ruoxi is aware that Yinsi's ambition will ultimately lead to his death in prison after Yinzhen becomes emperor.

张晓(刘诗诗饰)是一个21世纪的年轻白领。她在和男友黄棣(马天宇 飾友情演出)在深圳市街头吵架时发生车祸及触电意外事故,在强烈电流的刺激下,脑电波穿越到18世纪清朝的八旗女子马尔泰·若曦(也由刘诗诗饰演)一个与她自身容貌一模一样的女子身上。这个女子是八阿哥胤禩的侧福晋马尔泰·若兰(刘心悠饰)的妹妹。穿越之后一开始她尝试了各種辦法試圖回到现代,无奈徒劳无功。在八爺府待选秀女期间,她遇上四阿哥胤禛(吴奇隆饰)、姐夫八阿哥胤禩(鄭嘉穎飾)、九阿哥胤禟(韩栋 饰)、十阿哥胤䄉(叶祖新饰)、十三阿哥胤祥(袁弘饰)、十四阿哥胤禵(林更新饰)。她与胤祥成為知己好友,同时又被温文儒雅的胤禩深深吸引。


Artist : Nicky Wu 吳奇隆/ Cecilia Liu 刘诗诗/ Damian Lau 劉松仁 / Kevin Cheng 郑嘉颖

Genre Drama, Romance, Historical fantasy
Region All (Worlwide)
Language Mandarin / Cantonese
Subtitle English / Chinese / Malay

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