GROOVE COVERAGE Complete Collectors Edition Limited 4CD Box Set

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GROOVE COVERAGE Complete Collectors Edition Limited 4CD + Unreleased Tracks

Finally it's here! The complete and absolute collection of Groove Coverage material for fans... it doesn't get any better than this!

4 mouth-watering CDs of all their greatest hits from 2001 to 2012, plus rare remixes and previously unreleased bonus tracks!

CD 1

1.Moonlight Shadow 2012 (feat. P.S.Y.)

2.Think About The Way



5.Because I Love You

6.Nothing Lasts Forever

7.Living On A Prayer

8.God Is A Girl

9.On The Radio

10.7 Years & 50 Days


12.The End


CD 2

1.Angel From Above

2.November Night


4.21st Century Digital Girl


6.Summer Rain

7.Far Away From Home

8.Million Tears

9.Last Unicorn

10.Holy Virgin

11.Little June

12.Not Available

13.Moonlight Shadow

CD 3

1.Moonlight Shadow (Josh Harris Remix)

2.Because I Love You (Extended Version)

3.Because I Love You (Pop Ballad Mix)

4.On The Radio (Club Mix)

5.On The Radio (Age Pee Remix)

6.21st Century Digital Girl (Club Mix)

7.21st Century Digital Girl (Teenagerz Remix)

8.Holy Virgin (Techhouse Remix)

9.She (Skam Remix)

10.She (??? Mix)

11.Runaway (Club Mix)

CD 4

1.Poison (UK Friday Night Posse Remix)

2.Poison (Tune Up! Remix)

3.7 Years & 50 Days (Extended Version)

4.7 Years & 50 Days (Cascada Remix)

5.The End (Extended Version)

6.The End (Special D Remix)

7.God Is A Girl (Extended Version)

8.God Is A Girl (Chillout Mix)

9.God Is A Girl (Axel Konrad Remix)

10.Moonlight Shadow (Extended Version)

11.Moonlight Shadow (Rocco Remix)

Genre Music, Eurodance, dance-pop, pop rock
Language English

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