Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie 1 : Saikai Anime DVD

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DVD JAPANESE ANIME FILM Digimon Adventure Tri The Movie 1 : Saikai English Sub

Three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02, Taichi Yagami is now in high school, downhearted that none of his friends are able to come to his soccer game and feels that they are slowly drifting apart. Meanwhile, strange occurrences are causing electronic devices to malfunction across Odaiba. Minutes before Taichi's match begins, a Kuwagamon that had been causing the malfunctions suddenly appears, soon taking physical form and causing collateral damage to the city.

Language : Japanese

Subtitle : English / Chinese / Malay

Region : All

No of Disc : 1

The above DVD is :-

- Produced by licensed DVD manufacturer certified by Malaysia Government!
- Title is Authentic, Certified and Approved by Malaysian Censorship Board and comes with Original Hologram sticker!

Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Region All (Worlwide)
Language Japanese
Subtitle Chinese / English / Malay

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