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Far far away, unknown and untouched by human civilization, lies a peaceful island covered in snow and ice. On this white island, deep inside a small secluded forest, is a tiny village inhabited by little animals. No-one knows how they came to live on the island but they naturally came to live together in the village situated in the little valley where the sunshine is warmest and the cold wind is least harsh. In the village lives Pororo, a very inquisitive impish little penguin, good-natured polar bear Poby, smug nosy fennec fox Eddy, shy and timid little beaver Loopy, friendly penguin girl Petty, happy-go-lucky humming bird Harry and mischievous dinosaur Crong. All of our friends have distinct personalities and different interests which sometimes cause little (and sometimes not so little) happenings in their calm white world. But they are all good friends and know how to help each other in times of trouble.

Genre Edutainment
Region All (Worlwide)
Language English / Mandarin
Subtitle English / Chinese

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